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Q: What is the difference between a Burro, a Donkey, or a Mule?
A: The term donkey and burro refer to the same animal. A Burro is the Spanish word for donkey. A mule is a cross between a male donkey and a female horse resulting in a sterile hybrid. Mules are the animals used to bring people safely into and out of the Grand Canyon.

Q: We are having a wedding reception at a resort, will the resort allow the donkey to participate?
A: The donkeys have participated in events at all of the Valley's major resorts and event venues.  Guests and hotel managers alike are always amazed at the docile and friendly nature of our animals.  Visit our “Places we have been” page to see all the venues where our burros have appeared:  --


Q: When I hire a Beer Burro, Tequila Burro, or Wedding Burro what can I expect?
A: You can expect the donkey to arrive at your location 15 minutes prior to the designated start time. The donkey will be well groomed, having had a warm water/shampoo bath earlier that day (The Burro may be cleaner that some of your guest ;).  She’ll be appropriately outfitted in her Southwestern/Western/Bridal Costume.  Additionally, 1 or 2 friendly handlers will accompany the donkey (s) and be available to answer questions, assist in taking photos, help the guest feed the donkey carrots and, most of all, serve your guests a beverage from the Burro packs!

Q: Do the donkeys carry anything else but Beer in their packs?
A:  The donkeys have packed everything from Champagne to Marketing Materials, what they can carry is only limited by your imagination (as long as it is not too heavy ;).

Q: How do you distribute the beverages? Do you sell beer? 
A: We do not sell alcohol, we simply serve it. The venue or client provides the beverages.  All of our handlers are TIPS certified and we carry Liquor Liability Insurance. The donkeys come equipped with a state of the art pack saddle which allows the beer donkey to comfortably carry 28 quart plastic Coleman coolers.  Ice and beverages are carried inside these coolers.

Q: Are you insured? Do the donkeys make a mess?
A: We are fully insured (3 million dollar commercial liability policy) and have never had a claim. We also carry liquor liability insurance and all of our handlers are TIPS certified so you can rest easy that we will not over serve or serve under-aged individuals.  Our donkeys are very gentle and never messy, so if they need to attend an indoor event they are good to go! They carry a very discreet item under their tail called a "Bun Bag", so if the need arises (which it rarely does), the donkey is able to make a deposit in a contained unseen way.  If there is a concern about the Burro scratching the tile or carpet due to walking over it with their hooves we will outfit the with rubber booties to protect any flooring.

Q: How much weight do the donkeys carry on the backs?
A: Technically a donkey can carry half its weight, but we ask our Burros to carry far less than that. At the beginning of the night when the donkey is first loaded up with carrots, beverages and coolers with ice, the weight is, at the most, 45 pounds. Considering the packs are extremely comfortable and the donkey is very strong (and  weighs about 350 lbs) the amount of weight the burro is packing is negligible.

Q:  Is flash photography an issue for the beer donkeys?
A:  No! After each photo is taken we make sure to reward the donkey with a carrot for their patience and good behavior. The donkeys look forward to photos because they know a treat is headed their way after the shot is taken.