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Mija, Dinero, Diego and Burrito have participated in over a thousand events since 2009.  Our Burros are happy, healthy, and impeccably maintained.  We’ve had guests comment that they’re pampered more than a champion show horse!

We spent a long time searching high and low for our Burros.  Finding a Donkey that is trainable and receptive to the sights and sounds of the unique venues to which we’re invited is an attribute that in not uniquely “Donkey”.  We invested many hours working with our Burros so that the end result is a fun, safe and festive atmosphere for you and your guests.  The burros love going to the different events and weddings – they eagerly hop into the trailer and are ready to go with a positive attitude that translates into a unique experience for all.

Since 2009 we have managed, one job at a time, to build a reputation and relationship in which we are entrusted to provide a safe and fun experience for BOTH the guest and the donkeys . Our Burros add a form of entertainment that enhances your venue while providing attendees with an experience they will not forget.  When hiring Mija, Diego, Deniro or Burrito, you are working with the best, most experienced, and friendliest Burros in Arizona!

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Interested in a beer burro?

Our popular dates get booked over a year in advance, so please reach out as early as possible if you’re hoping to have a beer burro at your wedding or event.

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