Imagine your guests enjoying the gorgeous Arizona evening only to be surprised by a beer packing burro!   A cute and gentle donkey, outfitted in appointments of your choice, packing coolers filled with your favorite beverages!

If you have ever spent any time around a donkey you know they often have very distinct personalities. They can be jokesters, pranksters and total hams!  Their quirky personalities are natural ice-breakers and quickly make a good party GREAT!  There is something about a donkey with their big ears and inquisitive nature that attract adults and children alike.

Adding a beer burro to your next event is a sure way to create smiles and memories that will leave your guests talking about your event long after the party is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the donkeys carry anything else but Beer in their packs?

The donkeys have packed everything from Champagne to Marketing Materials, what they can carry is only limited by your imagination (as long as it is not too heavy ;).

We do not sell alcohol, we simply serve it. The venue or client provides the beverages. All of our handlers are TIPS certified and we carry Liquor Liability Insurance. The donkeys come equipped with a state of the art pack saddle which allows the beer donkey to comfortably carry 28 quart plastic Coleman coolers. Ice and beverages are carried inside these coolers.

Interested in a beer burro?

Our popular dates get booked over a year in advance, so please reach out as early as possible if you’re hoping to have a beer burro at your wedding or event.

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Photography by:    Elyse Hall